Every order and product is accompanied by our own special CERTIFICATE. This is a small booklet in which you can find important information regarding your product and also a sum up of the main points that you need to have in mind about our various policies.

More specifically you can find the below material organized in the following chapters:

– What we promise you
– Properties of Gold – Precious Stones
– Product Care and Preservation (Cleaning – Preservation)
– Guarantee and Repair Policy
– Custom Made Orders and Special Requests
– Information

For your own convenience the CERTIFICATE can be seen below:

Please keep in mind that this CERTIFICATE contains only the most crucial details and thus we urge you to also read the more detailed chapters considering our policies, presented in this website, so you can have a more complete picture.
For any other inquiry or additional information please do not hesitate to contact us at support@kouzoupis.gr .

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