In case you change your mind about a product (from here and on referred to as “initial product”) you received, instead of returning it, we would like to offer you the chance to discover something new. Thus, you may be eligible to exchange your initial product for another one. For the whole procedure that accompanies such a decision please keep the following in mind:

How do I request an exchange?
– You need to firstly contact the Customer Help Department at

When am I eligible to request an exchange?
– The new product you would like to exchange for is clearly stated and agreed upon.
– Exchanges of products are only accepted within 30 days from the delivery of the initial product.
– The initial product has not been worn or damaged.
– The initial product needs to be returned to us or to any authorized retailer of KOUZOUPIS JEWELLERY S.A.

What do I need to know about returning the initial product?
– The initial product should be returned to us in its respectful case, accompanied by the warranty and anything else contained in the package you received.
– The initial product may either be posted back or delivered in person to us or to any authorized retailer of KOUZOUPIS JEWELLERY S.A.
– During its posting, you need to make sure that the package is secure in order to avoid any damage and include all necessary documents.
– In the case you decide to post the initial product, you are responsible for its integrity until it is safely returned to us.
– In case you want to drop the package to our office (2 Parnassou Street, Klafthmonos Square, 10563, Athens, Greece) in person, you need to contact us at +30 210 3228018 or email us at .

IMPORTANT: What else should I have in mind?
– Exchanges of products are only accepted if you have acknowledged and accepted the above terms.
– Exchanges of custom-made products are not accepted.
– In the case of an exchange, the initial product is inspected and the new product is posted within 30 days of the completion of our inspection.
– In case the initial product fails our inspection and is not in the condition we sent it it will be returned back to you and the exchange will be denied without any compensation.
– The exchange may be accompanied by an additional cost derived from the difference between the price of the initial and the new product which you will be informed about beforehand.
– We are solely responsible of handling our own products and only in the case that they have not been tampered by another jeweller. Any sign of foreign interference or modification gives us the right to charge you further in order to restore our product or even decline your request.
– You are not eligible for an exchange of the same order multiple times.
– Considering your payment options, the delivery time and the shipping procedures please refer to the “Payment”, “Delivery Time” and “Shipping” sections accordingly.

For any other inquiry or additional information please do not hesitate to contact us at or an authorized retailer of KOUZOUPIS JEWELLERY S.A.

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