Delivery Time

Delivery Time

Here you can find all important information regarding the delivery times and the delivery procedure. Please note that the time that we need to post a package is different compared to the time required for an item to arrive at your address which depends on the postal agency. Nonetheless, every product is accompanied by a Tracking Number which you will be provided with via email.

How long does a package require to be posted to me?
When a product is purchased there are two scenarios regarding the delivery time.
– If the product is custom-made it will be posted immediately after its manufacture is completed and it has successfully passed our quality assessments. The required time is approximately between one to two months.
– In any other case, the procedure will require approximately one month.
We are very strict with our deadlines but if for a reason a delay occurs we will keep you updated.

What is the cost of posting a package to me?
– The cost depends on your location and the postal agency. Sometimes, extra costs may occur from the customs or the insurance for which you will be informed in advance.
– There is no cost for products posted and arriving dysfunctional or damaged.

What postal agencies do you use for shipping?
– We usually use DHL, FedEx or the Greek postal agency ELTA. Nonetheless, if you have a specific postal agency you prefer to use please let us know.

Is there anything else I should have in mind?
– In the rare case that your delivery cannot be completed due to unwanted circumstances (bad weather, strikes etc.) we will contact you. Please be aware that for areas that are over 20 kilometers from the nearest postal office and for certain remote islands, delivery time may increase.
– Your delivery location cannot be changed from the time the product is dispatched from our company.
– All deliveries require a signature to confirm their collection.
– In case that the recipient is not found at the address given, a note will be left in order to rearrange a collection time.
– All deliveries worldwide are made from 9.00am until 20.00pm (delivery times may change based on area of delivery).
– In case you prefer to collect your package from a postal office, please choose so when making the order or contact us to let you know about the nearest office to you.

For any other inquiry or additional information please do not hesitate to contact us at .

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