Beryl Βήρυλλος precious stone πολύτιμες πέτρες ημιπολίτιμες ημιπολίτιμο ημιπολιτιμο πετρες πολυτιμες semi precious

Beryl is a single mineral with many varieties that are distinguished by their color. Few other minerals have so many known varieties specifically identified by their color. Many of the Beryl varieties are very important gemstones. In fact, all the transparent varieties of Beryl have been used as gemstones, although Emerald and Aquamarine are by far the most important and well-known varieties.

  • Chemical FormulaBe3Al2Si6O18
  • ColorWhite, Colorless, Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, Orange, Brown, Pink, Purple
  • Hardness7.5 - 8.0
  • Mineral ClassBeryl

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