Custom Made Orders

Custom Made Orders

Our company specializes in making the perfect jewellery especially custom made according to your needs and preferences. We want you to have a product that completely depicts your personality while also being unique and incomparably beautiful.
In this context, we offer to you the option to create your own personal custom made jewellery. Thus, you can either send us your own finalized ideas or you can always create something step by step with our experienced designers.
Whatever the case, we know that creating a custom made product is as much important as complex for both you and us. It needs a lot of attention, dedication and love in order for the final product to be perfect. For this reason, we want you to know exactly the procedure of ordering custom made jewellery, your commitments towards us and ours towards you.

How do I request a custom made product?
– You need to firstly contact the Customer Service Department at +30 210 3228018 or via email at .

What do I need to do and know about the creation procedure of a custom made order?
– To start with, you need to send us your ideas and thoughts about the product you have in mind, even in its initial concept. How it should look like, sketches, descriptions, pictures and anything relative that may help us to begin.
An initial approximation of its cost will be send to you. Due to the fact that custom made orders are very complex and time-consuming we will require you to deposit an advance payment of 20% of that initial cost in order for us to have your commitment and begin the creation procedure. Keep in mind that this will be deducted from your final payment.
– In succession, we will contact you and we will start together the process of finalizing the product. A product may be sent to us in its final form, complete without need for modifications, or in an initial phase and be evolved step by step with the suggestions of our experienced designers.
– Please keep in mind that not all requests can be done due to technical reasons. However, we will strive to best fulfil your every request or at least suggest all possible alternative options.
– In every stage of the design process, we will send you electronic photos of the product so that you know exactly how it looks like and let us know in case you want to intervene and make a change. In the mean time we will also provide you with a cost range considering its current stage.
– Once the design is complete and you have agreed on its final form we will inform you about the final cost.
– Upon agreement and payment we will start the manufacture and once the product is complete it will be posted to your personal address.

IMPORTANT: What else should I have in mind?
– The whole procedure of creating custom made jewellery is time-consuming and may take several months to be completed due to its complexity. Unaccounted delays may occur for which you will be informed. Nonetheless, we strive to be punctual and process your order as soon as possible.
– Custom-made products cannot be returned or exchanged. However they can be modified.
– Return of the advance deposit is not feasible.
– Considering your payment options, the delivery time and the shipping procedures please refer to the “Payment”, “Delivery Time” and “Shipping” sections accordingly.
– No custom order will be processed unless the advance payment is deposited and no custom made order will be shipped unless the full cost is paid.

By placing a custom order it is implied that you have fully read, understood and agreed on the above terms.

For any other inquiry or additional information please do not hesitate to contact us at

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